Visit Ladakh in deep winter to experience one of the world's most magnificent and beautiful landscapes, in its most peaceful season and in total contrast to the summer crowds. You are very likely to see rare wildlife at this time of year in the frozen valleys and high above the tiny mountain villages.

As winter begins, we wait for the ice formation on the Chader Trek route. Depending on conditions, we select our route (Chader, Lama Yuru circuit via Kongski-la, Lama Yuru to Photoksar), using our expert knowledge about the winter conditions and ice formation in this highly sensitive mountain ecosystem.

Our route takes you deep into the frozen winter landscape among some of the world's highest mountains and spectacular landscapes, lit under a bright winter sun and by night, under sparkling mid-winter stars. Our Camps are at about 3500 metres (11,480 feet). The cold temperatures are a challenge for everyone, but this experience is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Chader Treks is offered by Mountain Intelligence, a fully locally-owned expedition service built on deep knowledge and 8 years' experience climbing and trekking throughout Ladakh.


Day 01:

Arrival at Leh, acclimatise and overnight stay in guest house in leh.

Day 02:

Travel to Tilad-do (10,390ft) by road via chilling (about 65km), Overnight stay in tents.

Day 03:

Trek Tilad dho to Shingra Koma (altitude 10550ft) (about 10km), overnight stay in tents.

Day 04:

Trek Shingra Koma to Tibb Cave (altitude 10,760ft) (15km), Overnight Stay in Tents.

Day 05:

Trek Tibb cave to Neyrak Camp (altitude 11,150ft) (12.5km), nearby frozen waterfall. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 06:

Return to Tibb cave (about 12.5km trek), overnight stay in tents.

Day 07:

Trek Tibb cave to Shingra Koma (15km), Overnight stay in Tents.

Day 08:

Trek Shingra Koma to Tilad Do (10km) then drive to Leh (about 65km). Overnight stay in guest house in leh in tents.

Day 09:

Enjoy a last view of Ladakh before Leaving to Leh Airport for your flight home. We hope you depart with happy and vivid memories of this enchanting, mysterious landscape and we look forward to welcoming you again in Ladakh. Why not share some of your photos and memories via our website and Facebook group/page?

What's Included

  • Comprehensive pre-trip briefing and guidance on equipment and preparation activities
  • Transfer to/from Tilad-dho | Chilling and Leh for the start and finish of the expedition
  • Accommodation during the expedition (homestay or tents)
  • 3 hot meals per day, per person, including hot drinks and hot breakfast
  • Expedition Guide and local porters
  • Team Leader’s
  • Cook
  • High mountain gear: crampons, ice-axe, ropes, first-aid and medical kit

What's Excluded

  • We don't include your flights to/from Leh-Delhi and other destinations, but we can help you with your booking: please enquire.
  • We don’t include Airport drop & Pick-up Service, but we can arrange the cab for you with your booking : please enquired
  • Require a permit to travel around in Ladakh. We will help you arrange this (at your own cost, usually around Rs.2500/Per Person for the International Guest & Rs.2000/Per Person for the Domestic & Guest for your entire itinerary) on arrival into Leh by the Wildlife Department's of Leh.
  • If you require extra porter(s) during the trek, please note daily rates are approximately Rs.700/ per porter.
  • We don't include taxi fares and monastery entry fees for sightseeing in and around Leh, but we can help you arrange local day trips as part of your itinerary: please enquire.
  • You are responsible for arranging your personal travel insurance and ensuring your physical fitness for the expedition. We can advise on recommended scale of cover.
  • ALTOA Fees Rs.300/ Per Person
  • GST Taxes (5%)
  • Department of Wildlife Protection Fees Rs. 40/Per Person
  • Enter in National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary Fees Rs.20/Per Person for per days.

Our Dates

Batch Dates Status
MITCT012018 14/01/2018 - 22/01/2018 Availiable
MITCT022018 20/01/2018 - 28/01/2018 Almost Full
MITCT032018 27/01/2018 - 04/02/2018 Availiable
MITCT042018 03/02/2018 - 11/02/2018 Availiable
MITCT052018 10/02/2018 - 18/02/2018 Availiable

Prepare for the Winter

Last updated November 2017

A warm welcome from the Mountain Intelligence team! We look forward to welcoming you in Ladakh for your winter adventure.

We advise that you pack according to what you feel comfortable carrying. As a guide, you can fit the essentials in a 25kg day-pack. You are responsible for carrying all your own personal items (including clothes and shoes) * that are listed here, and you are also responsible for the security of your papers and valuables etc. We recommend you pack and practice carrying at home, at least a few times before your arrival into Leh.

Here are the items which we recommend that each person bring with them on the trek. Mandatory items are underlined:


  • Base layer: wicking underwear helps to keep comfortable in all temperatures
  • Mid layer: insulating jacket/vest/pants helps keep core body heat
  • Waterproof or soft-shell trousers protect from snow and also help keep core body heat
  • Dry clothing for camp (you may want to change at night into different warm clothes for sleeping
  • Insulating hat, cap or headband – keeping ears and head warm is vital
  • Facemask or Balaclava can help with cutting out the windchill that reduces body temperature very fast
  • Goggles or mountain-grade sunglasses can help with visibility at high passes in snow and very bright winter sun
  • Gloves or mittens are essential for keeping hands and fingers warm
  • Waterproof over-mitts are recommended – we don’t climb in the snow but a fall can easily become miserable if your hands get wet


Your feet are your most important equipment on the trek! You will need:

  • Insulated boots (not gumboots) for walking
  • Socks: you need to wear at least three pairs, comprising liner (thin) socks, mid-layer and outer woollen socks. Sports socks are ideal as a mid-layer. Do not bring nylon or other non-breathable socks, these will damage your feet.
  • Please pack gumboots for wearing in the camp or in the unlikely chance we have to cross running water
  • You may want to pack casual shoes for your flight to/from Leh and acclimatisation in Leh

Winter Gear

  • Day bag/pack for carrying your personal items and drinking water, camera etc. is essential and must be worn on the back. Always keep your hands free when trekking.
  • Please bring your own water bottle. Thermos flask is recommended.
  • Gaiters are recommended over boots in day-time to keep out the snow.
  • Trekking poles are optional, many trekkers find they help when walking through snow
  • Sleeping bag liner. A cotton liner is essential and can be easily made from a folded bedsheet if you don’t want to purchase one.
  • Sleeping bag. We provide sleeping bags but you may want to bring your own or a thin one as a liner (and for hygiene we do recommend you consider this).

Personal items

  • Toothbrush and daily needs kit. We recommend you zip these items in a small pocket bag and carry it in your day bag for easy access on arrival into camp.
  • Toilet / tissue paper. Make sure it is biodegradable and dispose of it properly (do not throw in the streams and rivers). Our pristine mountain environment is very precious and we do not tolerate pollution.
  • Hand sanitizer and a quick dry towel is strongly recommended – an easy way to keep clean in cold temperatures.
  • Notebook and pen or pencil
  • We recommend a portable power backup device for your camera / phone, as electricity supply in the remote mountains is very limited / unavailable.
  • We recommend reusable hand-warmers. These can be purchased online in India and are worth the small investment for placing inside your gloves, keeping your hands warm. Similarly, a hot-water bottle is a great idea and we can fill them at night for a small charge (Rs.40), to cover fuel costs.


  • We recommend dry fruits, energy snacks and energy beverages which can be purchased from large sports stores and online. They are easy to pack and give you an energy boost between meals, particularly in the mid-afternoon.
  • If you have special dietary requirements (i.e. on medical grounds), please inform us well in advance. We will do our best to cater to your needs (but this may be chargeable). If you have a favourite tea, snack etc. please bring your own supply as shops in Leh have a very limited stock during the winter months.

Papers and Identity Card

  • Please bring an up-to-date Medical Certificate from your certified doctor. We also accept a scanned copy via email, at least 7 days prior to your arrival in Leh.
  • Undertaking certificate – to be signed 7 days prior to your arrival in Leh. We send this via PDF to your email.
  • Your identity card or other form of ID (passport, driving license, Aadhaar Card) may be required for permits in certain areas.

*Too much to carry? We can provide a porter at an extra charge per day, per person. Rates vary seasonally: please enquire at the time of booking.


We did a trek on Zanskar River (Chaddar) that was an amazing experience ! Sometimes it Was slightly difficult but our guide Rigzin Angdu was very helpful which is also owner of Mountain intelligence treck . At the end we were lucky to see a beautiful waterfall at Nirak because of perfect decision taken by Rgzin. He gave us many information on history, geography, local people... Very interesting to listen to him thanks to his perfect english! We enjoyed a delicious food cooked by Jampal . Rigzin and team is respectful and has a great sense of humour so we really had a perfect Time together. He was a helpful friendly reliable guide who helped us to complete treak in very bad weather conditions and explained many things which were really important for survive in such condition . At any time he wanted us to feel comfortable! Thank you so much for this great experience! We are very grateful to him and we deeply thank him and his team once again. We Highly recommand to treak with Rigzin Angdu...

***Swanand Sadashiv Deshmane***

My first trek to Himalaya. But no matter when you have friends like rigzin and jemspal you need not worry . chaddar can give you many complications but you can make tit to the waterfall with your friends and the loving guy rigzin and jemspal you will support you and hold you till the end.... Thank you rigzin and jemspal for making this trek so wonderful and amazing part of life...

***Sagar Karale***

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